Not All Calories Are Created Equal

calories aren't the same

Are all Calories Treated the Same?

For years we have been focused on calories.  But now I believe that not all calories are the same.

There is a simple and logical formula to manage weight.  Calories In vs. Calories Out. If you take in more than you expend, you gain weight.  If you expend more than you take in you lose weight.  Pretty simple math.

However, this formula doesn’t take into account how the body reacts and processes the food.  From personal experience I know my body is slow at processing sugar.  When I eat too much sugar I gain fat on  my body.  And when I cut back on sugar I burn my stored fat.

Are You Fed Up?

The documentary film, Fed Up, had a great example of how our bodies react differently to different foods even when the calories are the same.

The example they used was 160 calories worth of almonds vs. 160 calories worth of soda. The almonds contain fiber.  The fiber slows down our digestion and keeps our blood sugar levels from spiking.  Whereas the soda has no fiber and it is absorbed straight into the liver.   This cause a sugar rush and the immediate conversion of sugar to fat.

Both the almonds and the soda have 160 calories but they have very different reactions within Fed Upour bodies.  I know I’d much rather eat the 160 calories of almonds.  The almonds provide my body with nutrients and fuel.  Where as the soda might give me that immediate “pick-me up feeling” but it is short lived and there is no nutritional value for my body.  Plus it will add fat onto my body.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need anymore fat on my body.  I have been focusing on eliminating added sugar from the food I eat.  Yes it’s hard and you’d be surprised not only how much sugar we eat but also what foods have sugar in them.  

A lot of the “non-fat” food have added sugar to them to make them taste better.  For years I was on the “non-fat” food kick thinking that if I ate foods that didn’t have fat in them then I wouldn’t be adding fat to my body.  Wrong!  The extra sugar in these foods were adding fat to my body.  

My Advice

The best advice I give the ladies I coach is to read labels and stick to simple whole foods like lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, fruits (the whole fruit not the juice), and healthy fats.  Your body needs all these food groups to function properly.  And trust me it does not need added sugar to do a great job!



Sugar Detox | 7 Day Sugar Free Update

Sugar Detox


It’s been 7 days since I’ve been seriously working on giving up added sugar. I have to say seriously because I have stalled and started so many times over the past year that I finally vowed to myself to give it my all.  Time to sugar detox!

I have to say I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I’ve passed up the chocolate chip cookies and brownies in my freezer (this is my biggest temptation) and I’ve passed up dessert twice in the past week while out to eat with friends (they ordered it to share but I said no).

Few Slip Ups on Sugar

After 7 days I can say I’ve only had a couple of super minor slip ups on my sugar detox because I just didn’t know and I totally forgot. 

One slip up was yesterday when I grabbed an Altoid mint in my car. I thought nothing of it and ate it. About 10 minutes later I had a bit of a headache. It wasn’t until I had the headache that I realized it was the sugar from that tiny mint. My body is so not used to it that it reacted. Don’t you just love our bodies!

The other slip up was eating these TJs Peanut Butter Pretzels. The mistake here was not reading Peanut Butter Pretzelsthe label. I always buy TJs natural peanut butter that has not sugar in it so I never thought these little guys would have any. Luckily it isn’t much sugar… 2 grams for every 11 pretzels.

After 7 days of giving it my all I’m proud to say I’ve lost 1/2 an inch off my waist. Just proves to me even more that my body doesn’t do well with sugar. It makes me fat! I’ve also noticed more definition in my upper arms. And I just have an overall feeling of Control over my body.

First Step to Sugar Detox

The First Step to Sugar Recovery is reading labels. I’m made this mistake with the peanut butter pretzels. Starting reading labels and you will find a lot of hidden sugars.

Share in the comments one food that you’ve found sugar in that you didn’t expect.  

Honey vs. Sugar | Is Honey Really a Good Alternative?

Honey vs sugar

I’ve been looking for some healthier dessert recipes now that I’m trying to get off table sugar (yet again) and I see honey used as a sweeter in many baking recipes instead of sugar. Sounds good since it’s all natural, but I really wonder is it that much better for me than table sugar?

You see, I have this addiction to sugar. The more I eat, the more I want. And then I start craving it every day. It takes me at least 3 days for the cravings to go away. But the temptation is there daily. It’s hard to ignore. Today is Day 2, again, of no added sugar for me. Yes I feel off the wagon weeks ago and finally decided to start over again and cut out the added sugar for my diet.

My initial thought is that honey has to be better for you than sugar. But after doing some research I’m not so sure. Honey is still sugar.  In fact it is about 55% fructose and also has more calories per teaspoon than regular sugar.

Honey in Our Bodies

As far as our bodies are concerned, there isn’t much difference in how table sugar and honey are processed.  

When we eat too much sugar, our body gets a rush of sugar and it produces too much insulin.  This excess insulin causes our blood sugar level to drop. At this point our body wants more sugar (cravings), which we often give it.  We get into this bad cycle  and eventually our body responds to sugar not by using it for energy, but by storing it in fat cells for use later.

What About Raw Honey?

While raw, unrefined varieties of honey do contain vitamins and minerals; niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B6, they only make up about 2% cent of honey’s total content. Which we can all agree isn’t very much.

The “regular” honey that you will find in most grocery stores or even at Costco (yes I bought some there) have been processed. They heat them and filter them to get rid of the pollen and natural bacteria. This also ends up removing vitamins and minerals. So your down to almost nothing nutritionally in this variety.  

Bottom Line on Honey vs Sugar

Honey is sugar and I won’t be making those blonde bars made from chickpeas and honey while I’m kicking the habit and trying to burn off a layer of fat from my body.  However, I’ll save the recipe and try them for a special treat or for the holidays.

Share with me below your thoughts on honey.

<3 Kathryn

Too Busy? 10 Signs You Are Too Busy

Are you too busy?

Do you have way too many demands on your day and time?  Are you putting everyone else’s needs before yours? Do you feel like you put yourself on the back burner all the time?

Signs that You Are Too Busy

In the video below that I did Live on Facebook, I describe 10 signs that you really are too busy.  Watch and comment below if you can relate to any of these or most of them like I did a few years back.

There was a time in my life where I felt like the spinning plate lady in the circus.  I had so many things to juggle and keep going and I was afraid to drop any of them.  I hated that I couldn’t give my all to everything.  And it really wasn’t like me to let things slip.  But they did because I just couldn’t do everything.

The Tipping Point

The trick is to not get to that tipping point.  You  know, the point where you break down and cry. You just can’t take it anymore.

Instead, recognize that you have some of these signs and do something about it.  

What to Do….

Start saying NO.  

You can’t take more on, you have enough on your plate.


Push some tasks off to others at work.  Give some chores to your kids.  Hire someone to help with household chores (cleaning, laundry, meal prep).  It’s ok to have someone help you with tasks.  Save the really important areas for you, like quality time with your kids <3

Plan & Prioritize.  

Get into a habit of first thing each morning of planning out your day on paper or on your phone.  Don’t make the To Do List a brain dump of everything, rather make it a list of what you can reasonably get done in the day.  And then prioritize the items so to be sure you get the most important things done each day.  And don’t be afford to make 2 lists… one for work and one for your home/personal life.  Add some fun and exercise in there too!

Pop  over to my Facebook Page and say hi and get some other great tips on saving you time, working on yourself and enjoying life <3

Trader Joe – My 5 Go to Items

Trader Joe – My 5 Go to Items

Are you lucky to have a Trader Joe store near you?  For years I didn’t step foot in the one near us.  I just went to my regular grocery store and did all my shopping.  But now I go weekly and wanted to share Trader Go – My 5 Go to Items with you.

When I started to workout with a trainer, she offered a shopping trip to Trader Joe to introduce you healthy and yummy foods.  I took her up on her offer.  At first I found Trader Joe so so small and there weren’t many options.  For example, the cereal isle wasn’t half the isle.  Rather it was just a few boxes to select from and all Trader Joe brands.  Hum… I was used to a lot of selection.  I also noticed the produce was much smaller in area and a lot of the produce was pre-packaged so you really couldn’t pick and choose. 

I also found myself saying to my trainer as she pointed out new foods, “oh maybe my kids would try those.” She finally said to me, “Kathryn we are here for you.  We are finding healthier options for you.  If the kids eat it too, great.  But this is about you.”

This comment really struck me. Being the typical mom, I put everyone before me.  I need to learn that I deserve to have healthy foods; I deserved to have time to exercise; I deserve to feel good about myself.  No mommy guilt allowed for taking care of myself.

No More Mom Guilt

I encourage you to get rid of that mom guilty and spend time on taking care of yourself and doing things that make you happy.  If mom isn’t happy, then the family won’t be happy.

img_3207Check out the video above of the 5 items I buy every week when I go to Trader Joe.  And I eat these foods along with my family.Not only do I put half a banana in my Shakeologoy every morning, but my puppy Rex gets a bite of the banana too so he starts his day off healthy:)

Have a healthy & happy day,

<3 Kathryn